Izzo Golf Scrub – Great for Cleaning Golf Balls and Golf Clubs, Attaches to Bag


Brand – Izzo Golf

Model – Golf Scrub

Get your golf clubs to be the exact shine you want them to be with the IZZO Golf Scrub Club & Ball Cleaner. Keep your golf balls and golf clubs in pristine condition throughout your round! Once dampened, the Golf Scrub will stay hydrated for 9 holes and clips onto your belt loop or golf bag for easy access. Features a spring-loaded retractable zinger cord for added convenient access. Includes a hand sleeve for a more secure fit while cleaning. It’s the tiny accessory that every golfer needs at their convenience. Not only will your game feel better, but your golf balls and clubs will look the part too!

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Stays hydrated for 9 holes

Cleans clubs and balls

Attach to bag or belt loop, easily accessible with retractable zinger



Condition New
MPN A19990
Brand Izzo Golf
Model Golf Scrub
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