Callaway Triple Track Chrome Soft GOLF BALLS Recycled GRADE A FREE P&P One Doz


Brand –  Callaway. Refurbished by Challenge Golf

Model – Chrome Soft  or Chrome Soft X Triple Track – as used by Phil Michelson

Quantity – 12 Balls

Grade  – A  Great condition

(The balls are presented in packaging as per the image)

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Challenge Golf Callaway Chrome Soft  Triple Track Grade A Rewashed/recycled Golf Balls

These Callaway Grade A Premium Refurbished Golf Balls are supplied from Challenge who are the world’s biggest & most trusted supplier of premium lake balls. These balls come from lakes and hazards before being sorted and washed. These balls come from lakes and hazards before being classed as Grade A quality, and they may feature logos and  occasional pen marks.

Callaway Description

The new Chrome Soft  Triple Track. Benefiting from the Chrome Soft X technology with the added alignment lines, printed onto the ball. Callaway are claiming this new 2020 ball has an even thinner outer Urethene cover and new improved aero design creating faster ball speeds and a ball flight trajectory that will make your playing partners weep. Benefiting from less Long Iron and Driver back-spin but not compromising on greenside control.

Triple track technology features 3 lines on the golf ball which run parallel to each other. The centre line of the 3 lines appears slightly thicker than the outer 2 lines and is in red whilst the outer lines are blue. The lines are placed on the ball to make the alignment easier and therefore make it more accurate.

  • Triple Track technology
  • Increased ball speed
  • Consistent ball flight
  • Greater distance
  • Box of 12
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